Trinity River Massacre

Brandon Birmingham

2 Ellis County Deputy Sheriffs developed a Dallas Man as a burglary suspect, and enlisted the help of 3 Dallas County Deputies to arrest the man. When the 5 lawmen converged at the West Dallas home of the suspect, they never could have imagined what happened next. Based on authentic trial transcripts, learn about the harrowing journey of these 5 Deputies from that home to the banks of the Trinity River. The Trial Visualization Report Follows.

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In February of 1971, deputies from Dallas and Ellis Counties converged on a house in West Dallas to serve what should have been a simple arrest warrant for the burglary of a home. What ensued was a night of terror and one of the biggest manhunts in recent history in North Texas. What happens when five lawmen are met by two criminals with nothing to lose?

Rene Guzman and Leonardo Lopez are on trial for the murders of three sheriff’s deputies in 1971, and the death penalty is on the table. What were the arguments for and against capital punishment? What monumental flaw did the District Attorney make that led to a review of the case? And what was the shocking turn of events two decades later?

Trial Visualization Report

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