Charlie Manson's Chief Lieutenant

Brandon Birmingham

In August 1969, 7 people were murdered. The killings were horrifically brutal, apparently designed to send a message to the world. Go through the evidence as collected by investigators and delivered to jurors to find out how a North Texan named Charles “Tex” Watson became Charlie Manson’s Chief Lieutenant, and leader of 2 murderous missions. The Trial Visualization Report follows the episodes.

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Los Angeles. July 1969.

The City of Angels was about to meet the Devil and his followers.

Join Judge Brandon Birmingham on this inaugural episode of “A Murderous Design” as he breaks down one of the most infamous series of murders in American history. And what role does a man from a North Texas town more than 1,400 miles away play in this gruesome series of events?

Just who was Charles “Tex” Watson? How did a clean-cut North Texas boy end up involved in one of the most infamous series of murders in history?

Judge Brandon Birmingham walks you through Tex’s journey to Spahn Ranch, and how The Beatles factor into all of it.

Was “Tex” Watson truly insane when he carried out the Tate-LaBianca killings? That’s his defense, at least. In this episode of “A Murderous Design,” Judge Brandon Birmingham walks you through the prosecution’s efforts to poke holes in that defense. What did Tex do to undermine his plea? What was Charles Manson’s direct involvement? And how did one family member attempt to prevent any further murders?

Tex takes the stand in his own defense. What turns him against Charles Manson? Did he try to fool the jury? What does he say that could undermine his plea of insanity?

A special thanks to Manson family prosecutor Stephen Kay for his help with research, as well as http://www.cielodrive.com/.

Join us for our next series on a mysterious serial killer in Dallas, Texas, with a specific calling card.

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